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Heroic nature of a forgotten heritage

Jagmohan Singh, born in Willenhall and currently living in London, is a contemporary artist known for using traditional methods to educate, inspire and evoke emotion through his work. His upbringing in the Black Country and his time in the capital has provided Jagmohan with a foundation of hard work and resilience coupled with a progressive outlook.

Whilst nature enables one to flourish, it is family who first plants the seed of success. Jagmohan’s mosaic of influences comprise of Hip Hop culture introduced by his brothers, classical music played by his sister and his Mother’s Panjabi tales. This along with his own narratives give Jagmohan the inspiration to create and craft work that blends the old with the new. At the age of 17, Jagmohan moved to London to study Graphic and Media Design, whilst ­­also freelancing and experimenting with his art.

Jagmohan’s journey from the midlands to the city; the people he’s encountered; the memories he carries; the stories he has heard; and the stories he’s currently living have inspired him to provide a voice for the voiceless. His artwork explores history and heritage, the Sikh diaspora and those living in the margins of society. His canvas is their stage.


The Royal Jesters

The Royal Jesters focus is on the martial legacy and remembrance of those who paved the path for future generations with great sacrifice. The contemporary style, developed from traditional methods such as inks, watercolours, acrylics and graphite, aims to depict the heroic nature of a somewhat forgotten heritage.

Educating, inspiring and evoking emotion through each piece, the art continues to develop, through which the aim is to add to the rich and flourishing culture of the Sikh community and to help raise awareness of a history that must be treasured, not forgotten.

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